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What is a Giclee Print?


A Giclee (pronounced zhee-clay) is a French word meaning little squirt and is the process of using a digital source to create fine art prints. Giclee prints are images produced from high-resolution digital scans printed with inks on to canvas or fine art papers.




Jack Dunganne created the term to represent any inkjet-based prints used as fine art prints. The process was invented in 1991 when he was looking for print medium term expressing the collaborations of fine arts and new digital printing. It is now widely used in galleries and print shops.


Giclee is an individually produced, high-resolution reproduction of an original artwork done on a special large format printer. An 8 to12 colour inkjet printer that sprays micro droplets for colour accuracy.


Giclee are produced from digital files scanned at high resolution which means that the produced images have all the tones and hues or original work of art.


The image is crisper and colours are stable and do not fade over a period of time.


Giclee can be printed on many types of media, from canvas to watercolour paper.



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